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KingKooler is Colorado Start-Up revolutionizing the koozie industry. We set ourselves apart by making HIGH QUALITY products that come with a lifetime warranty, adjust to anything you might pull out of a cooler, and are made right here in the USA. It is a product that has been in our family for 30 years and is the brainchild of our mom and we want to share it with the world.

Our aim is to make products that people are proud to have in their hand and sad when they lose them. These kinds of products only come when attention to detail is made and where quality and function are not after-thoughts.

The KingKooler family of products are designed to keep your beverages insulated from the elements, and keep your hand from stealing away valuable temperature from your beverage; hot OR cold. Our standard minimalist beverage wrap not only insulates your beverage, but is optimized for maximum portability without sacrificing quality & versatility. Take KingKooler on every adventure!

PROUDLY 100% MADE IN USA (Berry Compliant)

VERSATILITY: The KingKooler Wraps are good for any beverage container from an 8 oz can to a 24 oz Tall Boy, as well as ANY of your favorite beverages in a bottle. Simply adjust the Velcro to fit accordingly!

PACK-ABIITY: KingKooler Wraps are designed to EASILY go with you wherever your adventures take you. Smash, Roll, Fold or Shove your KingKooler Wrap in any backpack, glovebox, golf bag, tackle box, etc.... or simply your back pocket.

QUALITY: KingKooler wraps are made with quality products that are durable enough to last a lifetime. You can wash, pack, and use your KingKooler wrap again and again. We are so confident in the durability of these wraps that we even offer a lifetime WARRANTY.

SUSTAINABILITY: Wash and Re-use, again and again and again and…. You get the idea. Stop tossing cheap neoprene koozies into the landfill and upgrade to a KingKooler Wrap today!

TRAVELS: KingKooler wraps will not set off metal detectors, so you can conveniently take them to your favorite sporting event, concert or any other venue.

SAFE: KingKooler wraps fit as snuggly as you want around any beverage and despite not having a bottom, your beverage is as snug as a bug in a rug!

FITS: Fits almost anything you drink today! Seltzer Water, Soda, Pop, Beer, Coffee Travel cups on whatever it is you drink!

New Products

We offer 2 unique beverage wraps (Koozies)

Combo Wrap - The larger older brother that shares the same versatility but stands a

Classic Wrap - Our classic wrap fits everything its larger brother does, but in a more minimalistic and sl

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